Published on May 10th, 2016 | by Kingy

Overwatch Is Fun, Just, Pure Fun

Sadly the Overwatch Beta has come to a close, but don’t feel sad. The full game comes out on May 24th, so it’s not long to wait now. I was highly anticipating Overwatch and was eager to get a hands on with it. Now that I have had  a whole weekend playing nothing but Overwatch, I’m happy to say that my anticipation has morphed into rampant excitement.

I love Overwatch.

This isn’t an impartial, devil’s advocate review. I just know I got a taste of what to come and know I want more of it. More quips from the array of diverse and interesting characters, more maps, more fun. The game is a joy to play, especially when your working as an effective team. The game does a good job of giving your team useful tips, in order to make your team more rounded instead of spamming Reaper.

The game’s world is vibrant and interesting, and while it is a shame there is no single player campaign the game is still fun. And it is also nice that it is priced lower because of that fact.

Overwatch get’s many things right, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any problems; especially when it comes to balancing. But the feel of the game, the aesthetic and the interesting characters makes me want to be apart of this new age of multiplayer only shooters.

And I’m excited to see what comes next.


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