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REVIEW: The 25th Ward: The Silver Case – PS4

Overview: The 25th Ward: The Silver Case is a game recently re-released for the PS4, what can we expect from this game that was originally available on cell phones in the early 2000’s?

Concept: This game is essentially a visual novel. You follow the story of some detectives working on a mystery regarding a Utopian apartment complex that has a long list of strange murders, your goal is to follow the story as it essentially guides you through the plot. There are no choices in this game except for at the very end. While the initial concept and presentation of this game got me excited thinking “I’m going to be taken along on an interesting journey, I love visual novels!” The execution as such was rather bland.

25thWardSilverCase11Truly riveting

Graphics: Nothing spectacular here, the bulk of the game is black and white with an interesting style but nothing that truly hits home. It is fairly unremarkable at best, I have seen and come to expect a lot more from visual novels during this day and age. Even indie projects are blowing this title out of the water. The graphics for the background are more interesting than the graphics for the section of the game you’re actually supposed to be focusing on! The introduction screens were fairly interesting albeit keeping with the black and white theme, but I expected something similar from the actual game itself. The few parts of the game that are actually modeled in 3D have been done lazily at best, flat textures, no detail, nothing generated interest for me whatsoever. Although this is all true there is no technical difficulties with the graphics that are used, no frame rate issues and no clipping to be seen, this is partially due to the fact that the game isn’t exactly graphically intensive for the ps4 nor does it put the player in any position where clipping would happen.

Gameplay: The gameplay consists of mainly pressing X, then pressing X again… Ad infinitum. Rarely a section of dialogue will include a reference to an input that will be requested later in the game, typing in responses is clunky and awkward, as is selecting which character to hear the next part of dialogue from. The game presents a “die” in the bottom right corner that you have to use the joystick to rotate to select the next objective. It is completely unnecessary and the die doesn’t represent anything meaningful game wise as it might a dungeons and dragons game, for example. Sometimes the player will have to navigate corridors which is needlessly boring and obtuse without interesting detail. There is a brief scene in which the game uses an RPG element and a quick sequences of battles, these aren’t necessary but definitely break up the monotony of the entire thing, the choices are basic and no stats for characters or moves are given, it is unclear whether this section of the game was intended to be written as a parody or not.

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case_20180213195417Some nice shades of purple

Sound: The soundtrack is repetitive, basic and at times annoying. The same noises are overused a lot which can be quite frustrating, sometimes the game will change sounds to suit the mood of the scene, which is a good attempt at heading in the right direction but it isn’t as atmospheric as I would’ve expected from a visual novel. The main theme is a little catchy at best but nothing to call home about. In the end muting the game seems to be the best solution as it could easily drive you up the wall.

Awesomeness: No, no, no, no!!! Sorry to any fans out there but I do not see any awesomeness arising from this title! Perhaps back in the day as a game for ye olde flip phones but not for a Ps4. Ps4 is a powerful console that is capable of producing great quality games, visual novel games are usually released on the Vita as such and they are of far better quality than this game has produced.

The-25th-Ward-The-Silver-Case-Screen-2This is about as visually impressive as you’re gonna get

Final Word: I regretfully say that this game is only suitable for a very small niche, most gamers of this day and age will find the game to be droll, the characters ramble on pointlessly about stupid things, they swear needlessly without any effect on character development. Perhaps this was a poor translation effort but I found playing this game to be an uncomfortable game and a waste of my time. I hope to save other people from that same unfortunate fate.

REVIEW: The 25th Ward: The Silver Case – PS4 Trixanne

Out of 5 bugs


Summary: Run far away while you still can


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